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Allagash International Group, LLC and its product lines Nor'East Controls, Allagash Oil & Gas, Allagash Water & Waste Water and Allagash International Colombia SAS comprise one of North America and Latin America's leading valve and control manufacturing companies.

From its beginning in 2002, Allagash International, established by president/CEO Terry Ingram, combined quality workmanship with superior customer service. Initially, the company distributed valves and controls to pulp and paper, oil and gas, power generation, water and waste-water facilities. Allagash quickly recognized the potential of servicing and repair and it aggressively expanded into other markets. Today, its products are found in virtually all industries, including chemical, commercial construction, food and beverage, petroleum production, oil and gas transmission, pulp and paper, textiles, mining, marine, water and waste water.

Recognizing the importance of diversity, first in the industries it serves, then territorially, the company expanded beyond North America into outside markets such as Asia and South America.

In March 2010, Allagash International completed the purchase of a long-established globe control valve line from DeZurik, a Minnesota-based manufacturer, moving it to Maine and establishing it as Nor'East Controls, Inc.

In October 2015, Allgash International Group, LLC was formed under the Blake Group Holdings as a sole subsiderary. With a strong knowledge of industrial process control, the Blake Group brings enhanced capabilites to the core products which Allagash International Group manufacters. Both managers and workers are highly skilled and experienced across industry lines. Training, both industry and manufacturer-specific, is ongoing; cross training among all personnel allows for virtually seamless movement between divisions.

With its focus on outstanding workmanship and consumer service, Allagash International Group is committed for the long term.


"Always in Control of the Flow"